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John Doe

Art Director

Ann R. Rios

Graphic Designer

Gerardo J. Baker

Web Designer

I’m a web designer and developer with a true passion for branding & digital marketing.

Founder of WOBAWEB, after over 10 years in major corporations and several countries, I now implement my knowledge and offer ICT professional services.

  • I love simple and functional design; I enjoy what looks good, clean, elegant, but also fun, innovative and modern at the same time.
  • I am happy to listen and offer advice and assistance to lead to the expected results.
  • I have a very personal approach to work: “do it well, do it now, and keep it simple” is my motto.
  • I take pride in being a perfectionist, reliable and punctual, with a very high attention to detail.
  • I love social media and thrive to build systems that really work.
  • I enjoy my IT work and involvement to improve productivity as I strongly believe in innovation.
  • I master 3 languages (English, French, Italian) and I look forward to creating new connections so…

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