Food Deli

This food deli provides a wide range of fresh products and Italian specialities, ranging from main dishes, finger food and desserts.


Website development and social media integration. Business owners are currently providing final content.



Video Production

This personal profile website provides information on the activity of video production.


Website development, logo design and social media integration. Business owner is currently reviewing website content.






A women’s fashion business in Sydney which combines long-time experience and Italian style, offering a wide range of high-quality clothing items and accessories made in Italy and designed for women.


2018 | Website design and development, social media integration and web hosting.




Property improvement experts in Sydney, specialising in home design & renovations, bathroom & kitchen renovations, property repairs & maintenance.


2018 | Website design and development, copy writing and social media integration.




Holiday apartment in the heart of Rome, in Italy. This website is to show premises and promote the accommodation with all its amenities.


2018 | Logo design, copy writing, website development and booking integration.



apt Group

Engineering company providing professional solutions to maximise plant availability and reliability, offering a broad range of services, products and training programs.


2017 | Full rebranding including logo design, website development and social media integration.




JuStayCoolo is a sharing platform intended to celebrate diversity both in products and lifestyles, aiming at developing relations across countries.


2013 – Present | Website currently being updated. I’m also in charge of its maintenance.




Efnbe is a conceptual studio and agency for artists and designers. The company specializes in exhibition design and curatorial representing designers, artists and fine art photography.


2014 | The whole website was entirely handcoded. Live version currently managed by company owners.



serena zambelli
Serena Zambelli

Serena Zambelli is an Italian graphic designer and photographer. This is her professional website with previews of her works and links to her Flickr and Facebook accounts.


2013 – Present | I am currently working on a modern updated version of this website.



Clemton Park Public School

Clemton Park Public School is a NSW public primary school. The website is to promote the school activity and provide information on the premises, staff, students and programs offered by the school.


2013 | I originally designed and developed this website with Adobe software. Live version currently managed by the school and content was recently migrated to follow the NSW Department of Education websites’ format guidelines.



I currently work as Website Development Manager for the digital marketing agency Wise Up Marketing.

Below is the list of websites I’ve been working on from start (initial brief) to finish (official launch):



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November 2018
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Serving People Group

Not for profit organisation with a worldwide presence, offering services and assistance in immigration, education, legal, tax and other major fields.


2018 | Website development and social media integration for Canada, Australia and Brasil.
Canadian website fully developed; structure completed for the other websites where content is to come.



Professionisti Italiani a Sydney
Professionisti Italiani a Sydney
As a volunteer activity I am in charge of Digital Marketing and Communications for the organisation. The website is to promote the PIAS activity and provide information on upcoming events and meetings. I am also responsible for social media marketing.


2017 – Present | I designed and developed the website, cooperating with other team members.
I contribute to the website’s content creation and online maintenance.



Consolato Generale d'Italia a Sydney
Consolato Generale d’Italia a Sydney

I was in charge of writing, editing and publishing content on the Italian Consulate General website. I was also responsible for community management through social media.


2014 – 2017 | I designed the structure of the Consulate website, coordinating the activity with the IT development team in Italy. I was also in charge of content creation and website management.





Cooking Blog
Cooking Blog

As part of my early online works, I decided to set up a blog that would become a sharing platform for different kinds of recipes and menus. The idea was not developed further.


2012 | Blog.



Personal Blog
Ciao Giulia

My first publishing steps online are in this personal blog where my intention was to share my everyday life with family and friends.


2010 | Blogspot, powered by Blogger.